SPECIAL – 100 Years of Covering Conflict Panel

2018 marks a rise of journalists deaths and a century of modern reporting of conflict. From debates on ethics and responsibility, to the impact of changing technology, and the role of propaganda and disinformation… plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose?

World Solidarity Forum & Beyond Brussels 
 event at the Press Club of Brussels.


Renate Schröder, Director of the European Federations of Journalists, representing over 320,000 journalists in 44 countries. EFJ defends the right to freedom of expression while also advocating for the social and professional rights of European Journalists.

Alice Musabende, Gates Scholar in Politics & International Studies at Cambridge University. Former Canadian journalist and survivor of the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis. She was one of the first women to graduate the Rwandan School of Journalism.

Jesse Rosenfeld, freelance journalist based in the Middle East who’s covered the sectarian war in Iraq, the Israel/Palestine conflict, the Arab Spring and more for The Daily Beast, The Nation and Al Jazeera English. His work in the region is the subject of the documentary Freelancer on the Front Lines.

Dr. Bojan Savic, lecturer at the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies. He’s a passionate and engaging expert on the construction of narratives around conflict and development, bringing in his extension fieldwork in Afghanistan and American/European perspective to the table.


Allie Elwell, founder of the Beyond Brussels podcast while studying International Political Economy at the University of Kent. A former journalists at CBC News covering Canadian and international politics, she is currently the Senior Publicist on Netflix’s critically acclaimed series The Crown.


The World Solidarity Forum is a Brussels-based platform for organisations dedicated to promote action on human rights and highlight relevant current situations across the world. We are also delighted to have partnered with Beyond Brussels, an award-winning podcast at the University of Kent.

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