About Us

The Beyond Brussels podcast is the bridge between critical academics and the real world, Mixing thoughtful interviews and debates on the world’s hottest topics while also highlighting interesting initiatives across the whole University of Kent community, and exciting events in Brussels and beyond.

Tired of interviews being cut for time, the format for Beyond Brussels will be more flexible. The main show will feature highlights from the interviews and discussions by the team, with the additional unabridged version of each segment released simultaneously. That way, audiences can choose what they want to listen to.

The podcast is supported by the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS), the University of Kent Student Union and the BSIS Graduate Student Union. Hosted by Allie Elwell and Marissa Diaz, Beyond Brussels is run entirely by a team of post-graduate students at the Brussels campus.


The Beyond Brussels podcast is supported by:

The Brussels School of International Studies

The University of Kent Student Union

Additional Support:
The BSIS Graduate Student Union