The Beyond Brussels Podcast Wins at Kent Student Awards

June 1st, 2018


We were walking on air after the podcast was announced as one of the winners at this year’s Kent Student Awards in Canterbury. Nominated for Outstanding Contribution to Media and Communications, some members of our team were there at the 2018 Kent Student Awards Gala Dinner to accept the award.


“Our whole goal was to sort of bridge between the amazing ideas that we learn in the classroom and how the real world actually works,” Executive Editor and co-host Alie Elwell said in her speech as she spoke for the team. “‘Cause sometimes it’s a little bit different and it’s fascinating to explore.” Along with the other winners, we will receive their very own brick in the University’s ‘Footsteps Path‘!


The entire team would like to extend their thanks to Ruth Wilkinson, the University of Kent Student Union, and the Brussels School of International Studies.